Genuine Motorworks

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We’ve been intending to do a story on Genuine Motorworks for a couple of years now, almost since the day it opened in Brooklyn. A stone’s throw from the intensity that is the Williamsburg renaissance, just off Bedford Avenue in an old factory, Genuine Motorworks celebrates work clothes that are made in America.

Catering to hipsters and working people alike, Genuine Motorworks has sweaters, boots, belts, overalls, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, gloves, and motorcycle helmets. All of it is made by small quality manufacturers who remain in the United States.

It isn’t easy finding these products, says store owner Elisa Seeger. You have to be diligent. A supplier is often a single craftsman somewhere in America making products the way his grandfather did.

A second generation American herself, Seeger admires the immigrant, the working guy, entrepreneurs who take chances. Those who came to America, created a business, employed people, and then didn’t take it all off shore for the sake of profit.

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The challenge for Seeger is finding merchandise made locally and still being able to offer it at affordable prices to her target market: working folks. Fortunately for her, the products are not only durable, but fashionable as well. These wool, waxed cotton, and leather garments in classic styles will be around for many years to come. Just like the way everything was made, once upon a time.

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