Buckleigh of London

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Next time you’re in London and you’re at Sloane Square, turn south on Lower Sloane Street. Cross-corner from the Sloane Club you’ll find the shiny black and gold sign of Buckleigh of London.

When you make the journey, you’ll be in exalted company. British Prime Ministers, Academy Award-winning actors, international diplomats, and even royalty. When they are in need of true formal wear, all head straight to Buckleigh.

The husband and wife team make bespoke dinner jackets (what we would call tuxedos on this side of the pond). They also make morning suits for weddings. But the morning suit and dove grey vest is also strictly essential if you wish to attend the Royal Enclosure for the Ascot Races.

But not to worry, if Ascot is a once in a lifetime event for you, they’ll gladly rent. During Ascot week, in June, they’re at it 18 hours a day with pickups in the early morning and returns late into the evening.

Then there are the velvet smoking jackets that they’ll make to order for traditional men, and even a few non-traditional women.

And of course, they also have a full range of accessories from smoking caps to toppers to cufflinks and ties.

They are right at the top of a high end business and they know it. The folks at Buckleigh radiate a confidence that comes from years of successfully serving some of the world’s most demanding customers.

But here’s the thing: They’re not snobs. In fact, Margaret and her husband are some of the nicest people we’ve ever had the pleasure to deal with. They are welcoming, helpful, and gracious. Drop in sometime and see what we mean. They may have high end products and cater to a luxury market, but the Buckleigh people are the real class act.

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