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The Department of Style is a field guide to the timeless, the adventurous, and the enthusiastic. We celebrate craft. We explore tradition. We find the creative imaginations that take classic forms and make them their own.

It is about understanding that in life, doing something right takes time, skill, and effort. But therein lies the joy. Finding people who still do things that way and telling their stories is the original Departmental mandate.

The Department’s scope of subjects is just as broad as our interest in people. Within the Department you will find stories about suits and shoes, sandwiches and stews, vintage vehicles, pottery and painting, architecture, cycling, snooker, and surfing; whatever we find intriguing.

People everywhere respond when they see something planned with skill and care, and finished to have both beauty and function. From a 1941 Ford truck, to an English leather shoulder bag, to a Moog synthesizer: We believe that good design has wide appeal.

The Department celebrates the necktie that takes a chance. It will chronicle careening around India in a Tuk Tuk. It is about the scarf that makes a stranger smile, the meal that challenges the palate and the passion to restore a vintage aircraft. It is the hammered strength of a Japanese knife, the exuberance of a tropical fabric, and the wisdom of a lifetime of experience. It is the urge to learn to ride the steep boards of a velodrome.

The Department of Style welcomes people who are following their hearts, pursuing their aspirations and making their dreams come true.

The people whose stories we tell are able to lead these lives because they have decided to, and then worked towards their goals. They may not be rich, but they are clever, creative, and astute.

If you have come this far, you are probably one of us. We hope that you will see something of your own interests and attitudes in the stories we tell and the people we profile. And we want you to join in the exchange of ideas.

The Department is with you as a companion in the pursuit of style in all its various forms.

It is not effortless. But it looks like it is.

All the content on this site was produced by us at The Department. That includes all the video, all the photos, and all the writing. All the music was either produced by us our used with permission from the artists. Please don’t use any of our content without our permission.

Feel free to get in touch with us.

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Semper intrepidus.