Indian Larry

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Indian Larry was, and still is, a legend. A ranconteur, philosopher, and the builder of some of the most creative, best looking, hard working motorcycles ever. His projects were both elegant and nasty, beautiful and hard. He’d make frames out of welded chains, and used metal flake paint like a hot rod customizer. His bikes were choppers, to be sure, but without the pimped out exaggerations favoured by so many motorcycle designers these days. Larry built his bikes to look good but also to be driven.

Larry was from New York and built his bikes for the city’s roads. He had a shop in Brooklyn, where he worked when he wasn’t traveling around the country spreading the gospel according to Larry, and performing stunts on his bikes.

In fact, Larry died in a stunt accident in 2004. He was 55 years old.

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But the spirit of Indian Larry lives on. A couple of years before his death Larry began working with Bobby Seeger and Elisa Seeger. With his passing they continued on, selling some of his original bikes and creating their own in the Indian Larry tradition. Prices range from $25,000 to $750,000 but everyone who comes into their Williamsburg, Brooklyn shop is treated the same. High roller or bike-worshiping teenager, they are all welcome. Larry would have wanted it that way.

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