The irresistible charm of Rue Pigalle

1 Posted by - September 21, 2014 - Ladieswear

Stores follow the personality of the owner. If you don’t believe us, when you are next in Toronto, wander into Rue Pigalle on Queen Street West. You will almost certainly be met by Isabelle Fish, the owner from whose imagination springs this remarkable window into edgy, sophisticated accessories for the elegant, playful woman.

Taking its name from the legendary naughty neighbourhood in Paris, the store Rue Pigalle has style but isn’t afraid to act on impulse. Like the owner it originates in France, but embraces the whole world.

Fish was born in France but has lived, worked or travelled to Milan, South Africa, Tokyo, London, New York and many points in between.

The store sells bracelets, rings, belts, dresses, and purses. They’re all unlike any you’ll see almost anywhere else. They are each originals crafted by the designers themselves to stand out on the wearer and to withstand the fickle winds of shifting fashion.

And Fish is, how do we say, shameless? Even if you wander in with absolutely no thought of buying, it is her stated intention to make the store and the products seduce you. It does, we can testify, take a strong person to resist. We dare you to venture into the alluring world of Rue Pigalle.

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