Hot Rods and Sticky Buns

0 Posted by - January 28, 2013 - Automotive, Major Appliances

This is one of the most interesting and unusual vehicles we’ve ever seen. It must be said that The Department digs vintage cars and trucks (we have a 1941 Ford pickup). So it wasn’t surprising that we found ourselves at the Waterdown Car Show a while ago to check out what was on display.

The show is held twice a year and it attracts hundreds of vintage car owners from Canada and the United States (including us). Virtually everything here is domestic, and the range is incredible. We parked beside a Model T Ford in full working order. There were vehicles that had been painstakingly restored over the course of years and were in immaculate condition. Others were in decent shape but needed some work. And over in the swap-meet area, you could find bodies of cars on trailers waiting for someone to take them home and start a major restoration project.

One of the things that fascinates us is that nobody here is in it for the money. No one is getting rich restoring these cars. Everyone here does this because they love old vehicles. And virtually every single owner has a great story to tell. As we walked around, we found a bread delivery van from 1948, and its proud owner.

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