Affordable Dreams

0 Posted by - February 7, 2013 - Automotive, Major Appliances

One of the founding principles of The Department of Style is that it is about passion, not pecuniary power.

We believe that fulfilling your dreams may take time, commitment, hard work, and perhaps even some animal cunning, but that the need for money should be the last consideration. In no field of endeavor are those factors more obvious than when it comes to getting the car of your dreams. In the fine weather we enjoy taking our Departmental Vehicle (a 1941 Ford One Ton Truck) to a number of events, including charity rallies and any of the hundreds of auctions, concours, and cruise nights held every year around the countryside. We meet so many happy vintage and classic car owners who searched, networked, and persevered until they had found their ideal vehicle.

The lesson here is simple. You can too.

Keep in mind that the vintage vehicle of your dreams could come from many different places. Simply put, old cars are everywhere. Sure, there are the fancy auctions with immaculate examples of various old models (and prices to go with them). But there are also junkyards sprinkled all over the place, filled with gems. Yes, they need work. But one thing they don’t need is hundreds of thousands of dollars to turn them into something truly special.

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